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How Auxilia Law Can Help YOU!

Working with Auxilia Law is the most effective tool you have for protecting your rights.

Issues can arise in any landlord and tenant relationship, even under the best of circumstances. Many are easy to resolve, but others become complicated legal battles that put a drain on finances, time, and other resources.

These disputes can seriously threaten the benefits of renting or owning a rental property. Even worse, it could jeopardize your ability to rent. 

Resolving Residential Landlord and Tenant Law Issues Requires the Expertise of a Legal Professional

Any dispute between a landlord and tenant can be stressful. Your rights as a renter or landlord might have been violated. There is no reason why you should suffer financially because of this problem.

Both tenants and landlords have rights and responsibilities. 

When these rights are violated or responsibilities are not met, legal action is an option.

Auxilia Law is at the forefront of representing both tenants and landlords of properties protected by Ontario’s Residential Tenancies Act, 2006 (RTA). The firm has the experience and resources to assist you in resolving your residential tenancy dispute. If a landlord or tenant violates the terms of a lease, Auxilia Law is here to help.

Common Types of Landlord and Tenant Disputes

Some of the most common types of landlord and tenant disputes include:

    • Discrimination and/or Harassment
    • Late Rent/Non-Payment of Rent
    • Termination of Lease
    • Eviction
    • Maintenance and Repair Issues
    • Rent Increases
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