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Affidavits & Notarizations

Whether you need notarization of documents, commissioning of affidavits, Commissioner of Oath services for a statutory declaration or witnessing of signatures on selected documents, we can help you. 

We provide the following services:

Drafting of Affidavits and Statutory Declaration

Certifying True Copies of Documents

Notarization of Documents

Affidavits & Statutory Declarations

Get affidavits and statutory declarations professionally executed and drafted for all your legal requirements.


Notarial services include witnessing the execution and certification of copies and original documents for both private individuals and organizations.

Ontario Notary Public and Oath Commissioner Service Fee

$40.00 for first document (tax included- $35.40+HST)

$15.00 for each additional notarization in the same sitting, up to 10 (tax included - $13.25+ HST)

$ 5.00 for each additional document after the 10th (tax included $4.40+HST)

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