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Offering Quality And Affordable 

Legal Services

Auxilia Law will work with you to develop a fee arrangement that works for you.

​Many people cannot afford a lawyer or paralegal. Market rate legal fees can be prohibitive for low and middle-income people.

Although some community organizations provide pro bono or reduced fee legal assistance, our society does not come close to meeting the need for affordable legal services. 

Auxilia Law offers flat fees, hourly rates, contingency fees (on restricted matters), and payment plans may also be available. Electronic payments by credit card are accepted for client convenience.

Auxilia law also offers sliding scale rates based on gross household income and family size. Sliding scale fees, based on your income and family size, are designed to increase your access to quality legal services. Contact Auxilia Law to determine if you are eligible for sliding scale fees.

Auxilia Law helps increase access to justice, one client, at a time.

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