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Asserting your legal rights against a current or former employer can be a very intimidating process for most people with a problem at work. The laws that surround your rights at work and even after you’ve been terminated can be very complex. You need an experienced firm like Auxilia Law on your side.

Auxilia Law is dedicated to helping employees ensure fairness in the workplace during all phases, from hiring to terminations. My firm has successfully dealt with a variety of employment issues, such as wages and overtime compensation, harassment, discrimination, disability, and termination.


Auxilia Law is experienced with federal and provincial laws. I can help you file a claim with the Ministry of Labour (MOL), an application to the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario, Workplace Safety and Insurance Board, or a lawsuit for damages when appropriate.

Whether you need a human rights representative, guidance with a wrongful termination claim, or another form of assistance, Auxilia Law is ready to provide comprehensive representation to employees and job applicants whose rights have been violated.

We serve clients across Ontario, mostly in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area. Contact us for more information. 

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