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Employer Rights

When it comes to employment, many people think that only employees have rights that need to be protected. This can be misleading for employers faced with employment-related legal disputes. Contrary to popular belief, employers have legal rights too, and more and more employers are acting to defend those rights.

Employers are vulnerable and often find themselves on the opposite side of a variety of legal disputes, such as discrimination claims, harassment claims, wages or minimum standards claims, and wrongful or constructive dismissal claims to name a few. Many employers are often underrepresented, resulting in serious financial loss and fines for the organization.

How Auxilia Law Can Help You!

  • Litigation-defending management and corporate clients in all types of employment-related matters
  • Employment Standard Act compliance
  • Third-party harassment claim investigations
  • Trade secrets, non-compete, and non-solicitation enforcement
  • employment discrimination, harassment or sexual harassment claims before the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario
  • Occupational Health and Safety Act compliance
  • Disability case management – representing corporate clients before the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board

My firm also helps employers to act proactively and safeguard their businesses from possible complaints and litigation by:
  • Creating productive workplace policies and manuals
  • Drafting employment and termination agreements
  • Training managers and human resource personnel
  • Conducting confidential internal investigations and compliance audits
  • Advising employers regarding employee evaluations, warning notices, disciplinary measures, and terminations

We serve clients in the Greater Toronto Area.

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